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Citroen DS Parts

& Citroen ID Parts

Please note that at the present time only a fraction of the parts we have available is listed here.

We are working to get all the items listed but it takes time and we are a very busy workshop!

If you need something that you do not see here, please email us, we probably have it.


Accessories / Gifts / MerchandiseAccessories / Gifts / Merchandise
Air intake and engine breather systemsAir intake and engine breather systems
Air filter and hoses, engine breather hoses, injection air hoses, inlet manifold etc.
Servicing and Tune up partsServicing and Tune up parts
General service items you are likely to need
Structure and Body Panels and PartsStructure and Body Panels and Parts
Body RubbersBody Rubbers
Seals, plugs, grommets, mudflaps etc.
Front and rear braking system parts, parking brake parts, brake control
Front and rear bumper parts and mountings
Clutch plate, pressure plate, thrust bearing, clutch linkage etc.
Cooling SystemCooling System
Radiator, water pump, fan belts, hoses etc.
Dashboard and instrument panelDashboard and instrument panel
Drive ShaftsDrive Shafts
Drive shafts, drive shaft kits, triaxe joints, drive shaft gaiters
Electrical SystemElectrical System
Starters, alternators, dynamo, voltage regulator, ignition switches, lighting, headlamp swivel and self level parts, wiring etc.
All parts inside and outside the engine, including gaskets and seals.
Engine and gearbox mountingsEngine and gearbox mountings
Exhaust SystemExhaust System
Manifold gaskets, studs and nuts, exhaust pipes and silencers, exhaust mountings and clamps
Fuel systemFuel system
Fuel filler, tank, lines, pump, filter, carburettor, accelerator linkage, injection system etc.
Gaskets, synchros, seals, gearbox parts etc.
Glass and MirrorsGlass and Mirrors
Windscreens, side windows, mirrors, window seals and rubbers
Heating and VentilationHeating and Ventilation
Air ducts, heater matrix, heater controls, heater hoses etc.
Hub, frontHub, front
Wheel bearing, ball joints etc.
Hub, rearHub, rear
Wheel bearings, seal and dust cap etc.
Hydraulic SystemHydraulic System
Hydraulic pump, Pressure regulator, Accumulator sphere, Metal pipes, Rubber hoses, Unions, Tube seals, Flange seals, Pipe nuts etc.
Ignition systemIgnition system
Handles, Locks and Anti-theft deviceHandles, Locks and Anti-theft device
Door handles, Lock barrels and housings, key blanks, ignition switch / steering lock
Manual gear change controlManual gear change control
Pedal rubbers, clutch cables
Semi-automatic systemSemi-automatic system
All the parts for the clutch and gearchange controls on a semi automatic model (bvh)
Steering rack, relays, trackrods, steering wheel, gaiters
Spheres, suspension cylinder gaiters and seals, height control components, suspension push rods, ball joints, bumpstop rubbers, anti roll bar etc.
Seats, seat covers, carpets, head lining, boot lining etc.
Wheels, wheel accessories and TyresWheels, wheel accessories and Tyres
Wheels, tyres, wheel nuts, hub caps, spare wheel straps etc.
Windscreen wash / wipeWindscreen wash / wipe
Wiper arms, blades, washer pump, washer nozzle and hose, screen wash reservior