123 Electronic ignition for fuel injected models

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The ignition-system in a classic car is often the source of many problems. After many years the mechanical system is worn, and replacement of the points with an optical or magnetic setup, does not make up for wear in the advance-mechanism, the shaft and bearings etc.

Well, 123ignition is different. It comes in a housing, that exactly looks like its mechanical counterpart on the outside, but that houses a lot of high-tech on the inside.A 123ignition keeps the looks under the bonnet 'original', but makes the engine spin like a Japanese sewing-machine! Moreover : you don't have to sacrifice your mechanical distributor !Enjoy todays standards of reliability and performance !

The 123ignition is a complete electronic distributor with an attractive and original look. Each model offers 16 different advance-curves that can be selected with a switch, just select the right curve for your model. All the info you need to fit and set up the distributor is in the booklet which comes with it.

The internal electronics provide the RIGHT advance, the RIGHT vacuum-advance and the RIGHT dwell-angle to provide optimum spark energy and peak performance !

 The 123\DS-IE-R is designed to replace the original Bosch ZV11/7 A 3 A distributor, that was used by Citroen in conjunction with the Bosch injection-system.

The 123\DS-IE-R comes in a Bosch-like housing, with a Bosch cap and rotor. Two extra outputs will provide the right signals to the injection-computer.

The unit is factory-set to provide the right advance-curve, for the DS21-ie and the DS23-ie.

Proper advance-curve AND proper working of the injector-outputs, often brings dramatic improvements for fuel-injected DS'es !

direct. : CW (topview)
voltage : 4,0-15,0 Volts
range : 500 - 7000 rpm
temperature : -30 to 85 Celsius
coil : stock or High Energy coil
 primary coil NOT below 1,0 ohm
dwell : constant current, fully autom.
time-out : after 1 second current is switched off
spark-bal. : better than 0,5 degr. crankshaft
max.advance : 45 degr. crankshaft
wiring : red = +6V or +12V, black = '-' coil

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