H Van Starter motor - NEW

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Modern geared starter motor for 12V petrol H van.
New part, no exchange required. Made in Britain.

This high torque 1.4kW starter is a brand new direct replacement for the original starter in your H van. It is based on a modern high torque gear reduction design which is pre-engaged, meaning it has a solenoid as part of the starter motor. It can be wired in two ways to suit either a modern 'pre-engaged' type wiring arrangement or alternatively can be run in conjunction with your original solenoid as used with the original inertia type starter.
These starters come with two available connections. 1 x large M8 stud type post with a 13mm flange nut and alongside it 1 x 6.5mm male lucar terminal housed in a plastic insulator block. The large stud post is for the heavy duty battery cable and the smaller terminal for the energiser wire.
Remove the main power cable from your existing inertia type starter and then remove the unit from your vehicle.
Fit the high torque starter in place of the original item.
Connect the link wire between energiser terminal and the big M8 terminal.
Fit the main power feed cable to the M8 stud post ensuring not to over-tighten this nut. Over-tightening can twist the internal solenoid contact reducing the efficiency of the unit or causing it to fail altogether.

The starter motor earths through its mounting. Please ensure the starter has a good earth connection particularly if the engine has been recently painted.

This starter motor is a 100% brand new complete unit and carries as standard a 12month warranty.

Citroen H van starter motor



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