Hydraulic Pump, LHM, 3 groove pulley - EXTRA QUALITY REBUILD (includes refundable surcharge)

1002, SUR14, 5409758, DXN39101
Inc VAT: £580.80
Exc VAT: £484.00
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 7 piston high pressure hydraulic pump which is suitable for models with power steering made from September 1966 onwards and using green LHM hydraulic fluid.
This model with 3 groove pulley is for cars with semi automatic gearbox. For manual or fully automatic gearbox you need the pump with 2 groove pulley.

This EXTRA QUALITY rebuilt pump has been rebuilt with a new valve body, seals and bearing. The housing has been bored out and a high quality double row bearing used in place of the original single row bearing which is no longer available in the right quality. The face of the housing where the valve body sits has also been machined true for an accurate fit and seal. Each of the 7 pistons has been individually checked and adjusted for maximum capacity and efficiency. This ensures that each of the 7 pistons moves the maximum amount of fluid per stroke and each piston moves the same amount of fluid, which adds up to a quieter, more efficient and long lasting pump. Each pump is tested before it leaves the re-manufacturing facility and these pumps carry a 24 month warranty as long as the main accumulator sphere is replaced or tested at the same time the pump is fitted.

As this is a rebuilt pump, we need your old pump back to rebuild for the next person. Because of this we have to charge a £77.00 +VAT surcharge which we refund when we get your old pump back. This is included in the price you pay here. Surcharges explained, click here.


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