Penrite Hypoid 80W/90 gear oil

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1 litre bottle

Recommended by Penrite for D Models 66> and SM.

Penrite's Hypoid 80W/90 GL5 gear oil is formulated to the latest standards to withstand the harshest treatment in differentials, without causing harm to yellow metals.

Formulated specificaly for differentials in older vehicles, this oil is suitable for most post-1960 hypoid and spiral bevel gear trains including industrial and agricultural applications.

For Limited Slip Differentials use a specific LSD oil.

  • Superior thermal stability, maintaining cleanliness of critical parts thus extending the life of components by reducing abrasive wear.
  • Longer drain intervals by resisting high temperature degradation.
  • Superior proection against scoring and spalling wear.
  • Compatible with copper alloy components.
  • Protects against corrosion.
Meets the following specifications:
Ford M2C-105A
Ford M2C-1013A
International B22
GM HN1181
GM HN1386
Chrysler MS9020

Please note that due to carrier restrictions we are unable to send oils or fluids outside Europe or by any air service.


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