Penrite Propylene Glycol Premixed Coolant

Blue pre-mixed engine coolant with very low toxicity.
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Penrite propylene glycol premixed coolant. 20l drum. Ready to use, no need to dilute.

(This product replaces the AAA Classic Coolant which we used to have, but is no longer available)

PGXL Coolant Premix is a blue coloured, heavy duty propylene glycol based, low silicate, phosphate and amine free hybrid engine coolant.

 It is formulated to provide excellent high temperature protection as well as long term corrosion protection for aluminium, cast iron, brass, copper, steel and solder. PGXL Coolant Premix is premixed and does not require any further dilution. For initial fills, it requires no supplemental cooling additives. PGXL Coolant has a lower toxicity than either Ethylene glycols but can be used to top up systems containing both OAT and conventional type coolants. We recommend that if a complete fill is required that the system be flushed prior to the introduction of the new coolant. 

PGXL Coolant Premix will last 12,000 Hours or 1,000,000 km's (621,000 miles), whichever comes first.

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Please note that due to carrier restrictions, we are unable to send this fluid to destinations outside mainland Great Britain 


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