Polyurethane rear suspension bump stop, DS/ID Saloon, also SM.

4 x D4371, 5404572

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 Rear suspension bump stop for ID/DS Saloon and SM models. There are 4 per car, please select single bump stop or set of 4 from the drop down menu.

These are the same material as our world famous purple polyurethane version, but now coloured dark grey for a more authentic look. (You may still receive them in purple until stocks run out).

Citroens are different to most cars in that they spend a large amount of time sitting on the bump stops and they suffer accordingly.
The unique concave shape of the base of these bump stops and comparatively slippery material allows much easier fitting than the rubber versions (especially when the mounting cups are already slightly convex) and the polyurethane has proven to last many times longer in service than the rubber. It is still soft enough to absorb any bumps, should you bottom out, but resilient enough to retain its shape for much longer.
See a fitting comparison here:


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