Propylene Glycol pre-mixed coolant, 5 litres. NON TOXIC, LONG LIFE, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

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 5 litre bottle of Environmentally friendly, non-toxic Propylene Glycol pre-mixed coolant.

Most classic Citroens take more than 1 5l bottle when changing the coolant and 2 bottles usually gives you a bit left for topping up as required. If the block has been drained on something like a DS23, 2 bottles will only just be enough to refill it and you'll probably be wishing you bought a third....

AAA Classic Coolant is a propylene glycol coolant, a safer alternative to toxic ethylene glycol. 

We prefer to describe this product as coolant. Antifreeze infers you only need it in winter. Coolant cools the engine all the year round. It boils at a much higher temperature, and contains inhibitors that are vital for the protection of the engine against corrosion. So it is just as important to be used in the heat of the summer as in the depth of the winter when the coolant is an antifreeze. Propylene glycol with a 50/50 mix does not freeze until -34C.

This product is sold at a competitive price and when checked regularly and the protection maintained, can last the lifetime of your engine, therefore a low lifetime cost. It also results in reduced disposal costs and headaches. In addition we have a special formula that creates a mechanical and electrochemical barrier that retards heavy metal leaching.

It is an easy to use pre-mix, it has low silicates level, and no phosphates. It has SCA pre-charged, and superior liner pitting, corrosion and electrolysis protection. It meets and surpasses the requirements of BS6580 with excellent aluminum protection.

Since March 2012 we only use non-toxic propylene glycol coolant in our workshop. Not all propylene glycol coolants are the same, however, as it is the inhibitor package that makes the difference in terms of useful life, anti-corrosion properties, and suitability for ALL VEHICLES. Do not use OAT (Organic Acid Technology), HOAT (Hybrid), or NOAT products in historic vehicles.

AAA Classic Coolant is Conventionally Inhibited IAT (Inorganic Additive Technology). It has 11 inhibitors compared with six or seven and has been developed especially for the characteristics of propylene glycol. It is not an ethylene glycol package transferred.

To change to Propylene Glycol, simply flush and drain your cooling system ( or if it is already clean, just drain it) and refill with the safer Propylene Glycol alternative. If possible, use compressed air to blow out as much old coolant or water from the system as possible before refilling with PG Coolant. Safe for use in all cars, whatever the age and safe to use with silicone hoses. Not toxic to humans or animals and is bio-degradable so safe for the environment too.

Please note that due to carrier restrictions, we are unable to send any fluids or oils to destinations outside mainland Great Britain in containers greater than 1 litre. Containers of up to 1 litre are accepted on road services within Europe, but we regret that we cannot send any oils or fluids outside Europe. We apologise for this, but these are the conditions that the carriers have imposed on us. Within mainland Great Britain, we can send most oils and fluids in any size container.


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