Synthetic Waterless Coolant - 5l

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Liquid Intelligence 115 Synthetic Waterless Coolant - 5 litre container.

This unique coolant is suitable for all water cooled engines regardless of make, model or age. It is particularly recommended for vintage and classic cars with no-pressure cooling systems. Its Synthetic, Waterless Nano-fluid technology provides for low and no-pressure or thermo cycling cooling systems whilst delivering the ultimate in boil over protection. It also represents a 30% increase in thermal efficiencies for pressured cooling systems when compared to all conventional coolants.

Never Overheats (190°C)
Will not Freeze (-56°C)
Advanced Aluminium & Magnesium Corrosion Protection
Will not damage copper, solder, brass, mild steel or cast iron
Recommended for low and no-pressure cooling system

Over 50% of engine failures can be attributed to cooling system failure.

The cooling system is just that; a system. We are not just talking about a radiator; but a water pump, hoses, heater matrix, thermostat, engine block, and head. A normal traditional antifreeze in a cooling system contains a minimal amount of protection against rust, scale, and forms of corrosion.

People use tap water (which usually contains minerals) to add to antifreeze. These minerals can quickly overcome the corrosion inhibitor package in antifreeze. The additive package in antifreeze is consumed whether you drive the vehicle or not. Liquid Intelligence 115 is a waterless coolant. By eliminating the water from the cooling system you can eliminate the catalyst for erosion and corrosion.

Liquid Intelligence 115 has double action corrosion protection:
Liquid Intelligence 115 offers more than just improved corrosion proofing for your cooling system. It’s as close as a coolant can come to being totally corrosion-proof.

The corrosion-proofing of Liquid Intelligence 115 comes about because of its unmatched double action protection:
The two parts of this unique corrosion protection are:

The Waterless Technology…. eliminate the water and you eliminate the catalyst for erosion and corrosion
Long Life Organic Carboxylate Corrosion Inhibitor System…. exceeds Australian Standards AS 2108.2004 Coolant Corrosion Testing.

Double Action Corrosion Protection Technology Means:

No Cooling System Pressure
No Catalyse for corrosion or erosion
Stop cylinder liner cavitations and erosion
Eliminates cooling system scaling
Stops Electrolysis

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